CTA train crushes [reckless] cop’s car?

CTA train crushes cop car. According to Sun-Times, “the officer was following her partner in pursuit os a suspect just before 4pm, when she drove around the closed gate, believing the tracks were… Continue reading

Blackberry is the Fruit for Me.

Well, everyone is giving up on Blackberry…. What has it does for me in the past to go against my instincts regarding products and things, and instead, ┬álisten to what other people tell… Continue reading

The Produce is that which is Loved

“I believe in God, only I spell it, ‘N a t u r e.’” -Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959) Nurturing my house plants has led me to conclude that plants certainly do have a… Continue reading

Bad times

Economic downturn at the end of a technological boom always seems to result in a brand new, more awesome world, and always with more people. There really is nothing to worry about..