CTA train crushes [reckless] cop’s car?

CTA train crushes cop car.

According to Sun-Times, “the officer was following her partner in pursuit os a suspect just before 4pm, when she drove around the closed gate, believing the tracks were clear. But she was wrong.”

“none of the 30 to 40 passengers aboard the train [were] injured, and riders were able to get on bus shuttles to get to other stations. The CTA shut off power in both directions between the Kimball and Western station during the long cleanup effort.”
“The crash left rush hour riders scrambling to find another way home and affected service until about 7:45pm.”

What I’m struggling to understand here is how this is not being considered extremely reckless behavior for an officer to display. How is it okay to disregard a train guard that is meant to signal that a train is coming, putting the lives of 30-40 innocent people in danger, so that an officer may continue following her partner on a chase? This is not the same as running a red traffic light in which drivers can hear police sirens and follow the order to stop. This was a bad judgment call; one that could have injured a lot of people, including herself, and has unnecessarily cost the city taxpayers money.